Elements to feature in your packaging!

Tripple Gee: Elements to feature in your packaging! 

The design of your packaging is one of the most important aspects of marketing your product aside from the item itself. Good packaging can attract customers and help your brand stick to your customers’ minds. Moreover, it gives your consumers an idea about the product that you are going to sell. Take a look at the important elements of good packaging below:

  1. Retail requirements 

Before you start designing your package, it is important to determine what the retailers need. One of the best ways to start is by reviewing the shopping data and taking note of what packaging materials work best in storage and store shelves. In addition to this, it would also help if you survey which packaging wells the most. The design team needs to know the following: 

  • Shelf dimensions
  • Rate of sale
  • Type of automated warehouse system
  • Distance travelled
  • Pallet type, height, weight, signage and material

Knowing these retailer specs will help you with the advantage of having a guideline in your designing process. This decreases the chance of needing to have changed in the design.

  1. Convenient 

Packagings are designed to be convenient for consumers. It should help improve the user experience. Ensure that the product is easy to carry from one place to another and could be handled easily by the middlemen. Moreover, the size of your package should also be convenient for retailers. If it is possible, you should create a reusable package to encourage recycling.

  1. Originality and creativity 

One way that you can make your brand stand out is by making sure that your packaging will leave a lasting impression on your customers. To do this, you need to invest in ingenious packaging that tells your customers how much time, thought and effort went into creating an amazing package for your products. This will also allow them to see that your product is high quality since you put in effort in just the packaging alone.  

  1. The power of the end-promise on packaging

There is power in promising a result to your consumers. It is more compelling to purchase a product that promises shiny and healthy hair after 7 days than a shampoo that doesn’t say anything about a promised result.

  1. It must make the brand and purpose clear

Based on the packaging alone, your customer should be able to draw a clear conclusion on what your product is and what purpose it has. People will not buy a product if there is no clear indication of what it is. You can show this through pictures and words. 

  1. Style  

Designers recommend making your packaging clear and simple. A good design doesn’t need to be loud to get noticed. Make it simple! Don’t attempt to fill the empty spaces in your packaging with more details and design. This will make your packaging look crowded.

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