Tripple Gee: Importance of warehouses´┐╝

Make sure your business grows by having a warehouse. Find out the importance of warehouses when you read this article here at Tripple Gee. The importance of having a warehouse is the following:

You cannot know exactly how important your customers are to you until you actually know just how valuable they are. Until you “own” your customers in this way, you cannot truly know their true worth to you. However, when you do know how much your customers are worth to you, it becomes easier to decide if and when you should consider selling them to someone else. One way to do this is by offering each of your customers an attractive inducement to “opt-out” of being a future customer of yours. For example, you could offer each of your customers a discount off their next purchase for every customer they refer to you who then becomes a future customer of yours. Of course, this only makes sense if you can actually identify your customers and determine if they are valuable or not. A good way to do this is by using a simple yet extremely effective tool known as a “warehouse receipt”. Here’s how it works: Let’s say you sell books and you want to identify your best customers. All you have to do is ask them to fill out a simple form which asks them a few questions about themselves and their buying habits. Then, with this little one page form, you get a detailed snapshot of your customer’s true values. You can see at a glance if your customers are price sensitive, value sensitive or both.

Selling via Internet has increased tremendously in the recent years. So has the competition among online merchants. There are so many of them, all vying to become the “go-to” site when people are looking for a product or service. And the good news is, people are turning to Internet more and more when they need something. Bad news is… they are also becoming savvier about which sites are giving them good value for their money and which ones are not. They will often click over to another site if the first one is not providing what they consider an honest value. This means the one’s who are providing a good value usually lose out on all those easy sales and sometimes even incur a loss.

There are several ways you can lose money when selling via Internet. The least of these ways is, of course, if you don’t sell at all. Losing sales because people are not willing to pay your price is just bad luck. However, if you do decide to charge a reasonable price, you may still suffer a loss if your shipment takes too long to arrive and the competitors gets an edge on you by having their orders shipped immediately. This is why having a warehouse is so important. It gives you that “edge” when it comes to getting your product to the customer as fast as possible.

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