Tripple Gee: What happened to the print industry?

Be a more knowledgeable person when you learn everything about print industry, including fun facts about it. Find out now at Tripple Gee. The facts about the print industry that you need to know are the following:

1. Most of the printing businesses have started to use digital printing process. It has become the trend in the last few years because of its cost-efficiency, speed and flexibility.

2. Many new printing companies are coming up with the concept of direct-to-consumer business. This is the one where they will start printing for the consumers directly.

3. Many of the new printing companies are not printing any paper. Instead, they are doing their printing through the digital process.

4. The most common way of printing on a large scale is by using rotary presses.

5. There are many new technologies that have come in the printing industry which is being applied to improve the current ways of printing. Some of these technologies are: • Color printing has made it easier for people who want to do their printing in color. • Multifunction devices have made it possible for people to print on the device itself without having to go out to the office.

6. Many companies that do commercial printing are starting to sell their products to the customers through the internet. The online business has provided an easy way for them to expand their businesses.

7. The most important factor to consider when selecting a print company is its reputation.

The History of Print Media

First Printing Presses

Printing has a long history, tracing back to about 1550 BC. The first known printing press was developed by Johannes Gutenberg in Mainz, Germany. It is also known as a moveable type printing press. This printing press was used to make copies of the Bible and other books from around the world. The press made books from movable pieces of metal and inked onto paper. Gutenberg’s press was improved upon by a man named Johannes Gensfleisch in the 1500s.

Cuneiform Scripts

The first cuneiform writing system was created around 2300 BC. It is used in Sumeria. Cuneiform script is a set of markings that are inscribed onto a clay tablet. Cuneiform scripts have been found on pottery, seals, coins, and in the dirt on ancient streets. They were carved into stone using an instrument that resembled a hammer with many lines on the end. The writing could be read by looking at the end of the lines from one side. Sumerian language is written this way today.

Babylonian Cylinder Seals

The Babylonian Empire developed the first seal of a king around 1900 BC.

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