Your guide to effective shipping practices

If you’re managing a business that regularly ships out goods, you want to make sure that your products get to their destination in the best condition possible. You might think that there isn’t anything you can do to make sure that this happens but there are certain practices you can follow so that you get peace of mind. 

Most of the time, damage during shipping happens because of the mistakes made by the shipping services. However, you can take extra precautions yourself to make sure that the impact of these lapses are lessened. These include simple preparations you need to do whenever you package your product for shipping.

Here at Tripple Gee, we provide more than just high-quality packaging equipment such as heavy-duty boxes, we also teach the best practices for preparing your package for shipping. Learn about these tips here!

The box is one of the most important factors

The first factor you have to consider when thinking about shipping out a package is the box you’ll use for it. To make sure that your package is secure, you shouldn’t settle for used boxes. Only brand-new, sturdy boxes should be used since boxes experience wear and tear. The structural integrity of the box should be perfect before you consider using it.

Secondly, you should also consider the kind of box you’ll be using for your package. Every box has different strengths and weights that are applicable to specific packages. Make sure you understand these types and qualities before picking a box. 

Use high-quality materials and equipment for shipping

Once you’ve decided on your box, you only want to use the best materials for sealing it. What goes in, on, and around the box all contribute to lessening the negative impacts of transportation. 

Using enough polystyrene foam and labeling your boxes appropriately go a long way toward preserving your packages. Always use strong tape to seal boxes. To keep the stuff inside, Approved specialists discovered that nylon reinforced filament and pressure-sensitive sealants work best.

Don’t be afraid to use more boxes

Depending on your product, you might want to add more protection to it. One way to do this is to consider double-boxing. For especially fragile items, double-boxing may not be enough. You could add cushions inside the smaller box you’ll use so that it remains protected from any transport problems. 

The label matters

Shipping handlers don’t usually know what’s inside the boxes that they handle. However, proper labeling can give them an idea of what’s inside and allow them to deal with it accordingly. When placing these labels, make sure they’re secure and attached properly. 

Between the point of origin and the point of destination, your package will come into contact with a lot of hands and surfaces. Outside labels can be damaged, torn, or removed inadvertently. Include contact information inside to ensure that all couriers and handlers know where it is headed.

Tripple Gee packaging services will make sure that your product will get to its destination exactly the way you sent it. Our boxes are perfect for any item and can withstand the stress of traveling from any distance. Using our boxes along with these tips will ensure that all your shipping transactions will flow smoothly.

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