Frequently asked questions and reviews!

Tripple Gee: Frequently asked questions and reviews! 

Packaging is one of the world’s most important consumables. Every product requires multiple layers of packaging, which, when combined with the number of businesses producing and distributing products, results in an ever-increasing demand for packaging products.

There is a lot of scepticism that comes with popularity. We’ve compiled a list of the top 11 packaging-related questions and answered them below.

Are product packages recyclable? 

Packaging peanuts, also known as popcorn, are a type of protective packaging commonly used in e-commerce. The good news is that it is recyclable. Separate the packaging peanuts from the rest of the contents first. Check with your recycling centre to see if they have any colour restrictions. 

What is microplastic? 

Globally, sustainability is a hot topic. One of the most hotly debated topics is the impact of plastic on our planet’s oceans. Microplastics are tiny pieces of plastic found in the ocean. Because of their small size, these are frequently indistinguishable.

How can companies protect products in transit? 

Products take numerous routes before arriving at their destinations. Add to that the fact that the materials used to make the products have their journey that includes transportation. When products are in transit, they may sustain damage. It can be avoided by using a proper stretch wrap, accurate flute patterns, appropriate tape, and necessary protective packaging.

When is it time to replace packaging equipment? 

Here at Tripple Gee, we aim to provide you with equipment that can stand the test of time. However, the growth of your business as well as other factors can affect the quality of your packaging, which might require you to change packaging over time. Some indicators that you need to change include ageing equipment, speed reduction, increased downtime and production changes.

What are the best ways to prevent packaging hazards? 

There is bound to be a hazard no matter how safe the packaging is. A few of the common problems encountered in packagings include atmospheric hazards, compression, vibration and rough handling. To prevent these, you need to invest in proper package cares like bubble wraps and styrofoam. 

What our customers say about us

‘I enjoyed the frosted packaging of my shampoo. I can’t help but touch it and the simple snowflake-like glitters make it look like a winter wonderland. It is so aesthetically pleasing to the eye that I can’t help but keep the bottle even after I’m done using the product.’

Lily Ambert 

‘I wanted to have unique packaging for my natural soap products and Tripple Gee delivered! The leaves and the natural, eco-friendly box made my product look expensive. The little opening on the side also gives the customers an idea about the scents of their soaps, so that is a nice touch.’

Abayomi Abebescepticism