In this business area, our products are packaged as flexibles and self-adhensives; our products and services are geared towards servicing the Food and Pharmaceutical industries with specialised paper and nylon based packaging products like

Tea Tags: The Company produces in excess of 1bn tea tags for the Nigerian tea manufacturing industry. 

  • Pharma Labels: These are labels used on pharmaceutical packaging bottles, cartons etc
  • Anti-counterfeit labels: Labels printed with retrievable data.
  • Larger Packaging Labels: Used for larger items requiring labelling like engine oil.
  • Printed Nylon, BOPP, PVC and Shrink. All of the Company’s outputs are produced using highly sophisticated machines manned by qualified and competent staff.

Tripple Gee: Our packaging and printing services

Packaging is one of the most critical components of building a brand’s identity and image to the public. Having a good packaging design allows you to positively impact your company’s image and communicate the message of your brand to your audience through graphic design and marketing messages. Let us show you the core functions and benefits of products packaging and allow us to convince you to invest in your product’s packaging design below: 

Main functions of product packaging

Product packaging has a lot of functions that are often ignored in the process of manufacturing. Today, we are going to highlight those functions and give you a clear view of why you need to invest in your product package designs:

  • Strengthen brand identity

Engage your customers using eye-catching and high-quality printing in your packages and make your products stand out from your competitors. During the package designing process, we will incorporate marketing communications and graphic design into your product to encourage customers to buy more and possibly attract more customers. 

  • Build long-lasting relationships

Did you know that your packaging can affect the way that your consumers perceive your products? You need to make your packaging aesthetically pleasing and easy to use if you want your customers to have a positive image of your brand and to keep their trust in your company. 

  • Share information 

Effective packaging should have the ability to inform the consumers about the product that they are about to purchase. Moreover, it should help them make a clearer purchase decision and improve their experience in using the products. The product information can include the ingredients, benefits and information on how to use the product. In addition, if you are marketing a food, make sure to include the nutritional value of the meal, weight, expiration date, information about the manufacturer and the food allergy warnings as well as symbols depicting dietary options. 

  • Protect the product

The safety of the product is one of the key reasons why you need to have good packaging. A lot of companies often focus too much on the branding element of the packaging without giving much thought to the safety of the goods. This is a mistake that will bring your company down if you are not careful. When designing the packaging, make sure that your product would be protected from vibrations, sunlight, oxygen, temperature and dust. This will help preserve the quality of your product as well as its shelf life. 

With this, you can see that packaging is an essential part of promoting your products regardless of your niche. Every year, big corporations from all over the world are allocating a budget to colour testing and psychological manipulations. This is used to figure out how the consumers would react to new packaging and the package would help the product sell more. Studies like this help prove just how important package design is to marketing your products. 

If your company is having problems attracting new clients and keeping the old ones, there is a high chance that packaging might have something to do with it. Fortunately, it is easy to remedy these kinds of problems with your brand. All you have to do is to visit Tripple Gee and allow us to create a better packaging design for you. You don’t need to think too hard about the design that you want, with our team of experts, we will create packaging that will embody your brand and your products. Here’s how Tripple Gee can help you create versatile packaging for your products without spending too much: 

Products packaging: A guide on where to start 

Before moving on to the fun part of the packaging design process, you need to answer a couple of questions that will help you have a solid decision on what you want for your products. Take a look at the questions below: 

  1. About the product

What are your products? 

Is it small, big or medium-sized? 

How long will it last on the shelves? 

Does it need to be transported? 

Will it leak? 

These are some of the questions that you should be asking yourself about your product. Knowing the answers to these questions will help you come up with a functional design for your package and make it more convenient for4 you and your customers. 

  1. About your target audience 

Who are your target customers?

What age group do you want to reach out to? 

This is one of the most crucial parts of packaging design. It should appeal to the target of your products. For example, if you want to sell products targeted at youth, you should have packaging with a youthful design that reflects light and fun aura. After all, people are often more interested in the aesthetic appeal of the packaging rather than the product itself. 

  1. About method of purchase

How do people buy your product? 

Do people tend to buy your products directly from the store, in a local supermarket or online? 

You need to answer these questions to determine if the packaging that you are going to create suits the distribution method of your products. Once you identify the function that it will serve, it will be easier for you to design the packaging with specific purposes in mind.  

Other important things to consider 

  1. Brand style guidelines 

As we have mentioned repeatedly in this article, the consistency of brand identity is important for consumers to recognize your company. Your packaging needs to reflect your brand’s aesthetic appeal to make it easier for your patrons to distinguish you from other brands. In every packaging, you should include the name of your products, your company and the logo of your brand. All of these would help you level up your brand recognition. 

  1. Budget 

This is one of the most important aspects of all. You need to keep in mind if you can afford the packaging that you desire for your product. Some packaging materials would look pleasing for the consumers, but it can also cost you a great deal. Make sure that you are prepared by allocating your budget properly. 

If you don’t have a large budget to spend on packaging, you can stick to more affordable options that offer the same level of convenience to your consumers. These can include paper bags, stickers, wrapping paper, product tags and labels. It is also more affordable to buy unbranded boxes, bottles, paper cups and other items that you can personalize with a promotional product. 

  1. Information architecture

Information architecture has everything to do with knowing how to place the necessary details of your product on the packaging. Think about the features of your product that you want your customers to keep in mind and turn this into the centrepiece of your product packaging. Once you are done, you can add a couple more details to your package. Just make sure that it wouldn’t look overcrowded with unnecessary pieces. 

  1. Honesty

This is an important rule that is often ignored by most companies that want to oversell their products. Don’t ever lie to your customers by providing them with false information printed in the packaging. Not being honest with the information you include in your package would result in your customers losing their trust in you and your company. 

  1. Get the right files 

Before you work on sending your files to us for printing and production of your package, make sure that you are submitting the correct file. Double-check or even triple check your documents to see if it is the final copy before you hit send. We will send you a confirmation email, but it is better to be sure of the files that you send.

Affordable product packaging options for you! 

If you are looking to save money on your new packaging, you need to find an option that is suitable for your budget. Your packaging doesn’t need to be expensive and fancy, what it needs is creativity and effectiveness in conveying the message of your brand. Take a look at the list of materials that you can use as packaging below: 

Paper bags 

Paper bags are a popular way to market your product while also keeping it in an environmentally friendly package. This packaging is cheap and would work best for any kind of product from food to clothing. All you need to have is a good printing deal with Tripple Gee and you’re on your way to having the best paper bag design package.  


Stickers are cheap and eye-catching. Not to mention that it is adorable and you can apply it on basically any surface. You can design a personalized sticker for your products and turn it into a creative tool to market your product.